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LED headlight / with portable light source / with rechargeable battery



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    with portable light source, with rechargeable battery


Full Functionality, Intensity and Versatility

The DRE Xavier-C10 Portable LED Headlight provides physicians with a high intensity 10-watt LED mobile light source that is designed specifically for the operating room. The comfortable, lightweight design and long-life battery pack are good for hours of continuous use.

Physicians wanting to supplement their existing surgical light set-up in the operating room will find that the DRE Xavier-C10 is one of the most powerful, comfortable and cost-effective LED headlight systems on the market today.


High Intensity 10-watt LED bulb rated for 25,000 - 50,000 hours of use
8,100 Foot Candles at distance of 30cm
5,000 Foot Candles at distance of 50cm
6,000° Kelvin color temperature
Clear field of illumination prevents hot-spots and shadows
Rechargeable battery pack guarantees 4.5 hours of maximum intensity light
Charge on the go with built-in belt clips on each battery pack
LED Battery Life Meter to measure remaining time before recharging
Easily-accessible On/Off switch and intensity controls
Pinpoint spot adjustment"
7cm - 1.25cm spot at distance of 30cm
9cm - 2cm spot at distance of 40cm
Lightweight, adjustable headband for user comfort
Sterilizable positioning bar adjusts from right to left, up and down

Standard Configuration

10-watt portable LED headlight
Battery pack — 2 rechargeable packs with each system
100 - 240V Battery charger
Convenient carrying case