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surgical headlight / LED / with rechargeable battery

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surgical headlight / LED / with rechargeable battery surgical headlight / LED / with rechargeable battery - Xavier-C3


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    with rechargeable battery


Bright, clean, and even field of illumination

The DRE Xavier-C3 Portable LED headlight provides a bright, clean and even field of illumination. With all of the features of the DRE Xavier C2, the C3 has the added intensity, longevity and brilliance that LED technology now provides.

The Xavier-C3 Portable LED applies advanced High Beam TriLens technology for an unequaled clean, bright, adjustable and well-focused large spot of light. Use the Xavier-C3's brilliant illumination anywhere in the operating room by attaching the convenient, lightweight battery pack to your belt. The unit's Lithium battery pack is optimized for 7.5 hours of highest intensity light with up to 600 recharges.
You can now upgrade any of your older model DRE or BFW halogen headlights to LED with our conversion kit!

Easily and affordably convert your light to LED with a new LED light harness, lithium ion battery pack or charger. As long as your headlight was manufactured after 1995 with standard rectangular bulb housing, the conversion will work.


50,000 hour 3-watt LED
6,000° Kelvin spot (3,200° Kelvin LED optional)
4,500 foot candles at 10" working distance
Variable intensity control
NEW! Convenient belt-clip battery pack
Battery Life of 7.5 to 100 hours, based on light intensity
Quick, 3-hour battery charge time
Light spot size range: 0.25" to 2" at a 10" working distance
Pinpoint spot adjustment
Lightweight, comfortable headband (options include firm nylon and fabric sport band)
100V - 240V charger
Autoclavable positioning bar provides sterile adjustability
Pivot points allow for exceptional coaxial alignment