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fetal monitor with SpO2 monitor / with printer / twin / with maternal monitoring



  • Specifications:

    with SpO2 monitor, with printer, twin, with maternal monitoring, with touchscreen


* This product is only available for purchase outside of the U.S. market.

Advanced, integrated fetal/maternal monitor with a 12" high-resolution color LCD screen.

Integrates twin's fetal heart rate, uterine activity, fetal movement, intrauterine pressure, fetal direct ECG, maternal NIBP, SpO2, ECG and temp. monitoring
Available with an intuitive touchscreen

Simple operation

Folding screen
Probe rack and wall mounting rack
Handle for easy portability
User-friendly GUI with two display modes and four color schemes

Powerful functions

24 hours CTG storage
Fast print for stored traces

Outstanding performance

12" color screen
Excellent algorithm
12-crystal and 1 MHz water-proof transducer for accurate detection


24 hours of waveform storage and playback

Signal overlap verification

A smart design to reduce risk of miscollecting fetal heart signal
Alerts when two FHR probes process the heart rate signal from the same source

12-crystal waterproof ultrasound transducer

For FHR detection
Provides broad beam pulsed wave and improves signals