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twin fetal monitor
Compact II

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twin fetal monitor twin fetal monitor - Compact II


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An economical cardiotocography solution

The DRE Compact II Fetal Monitor is a compact, full-featured unit designed for obstetric use in offices, clinics and hospitals. It provides dependable, accurate monitoring of fetal health in both single and twin pregnancies.


Signals Overlap Verification to discern individual heart rates in Twins Pregnancies
Includes 5.5" folding graphics display screen with large, easy-to-read numerals and waveforms
Watertight Ultrasound and TOCO transducers
Backup memory for seamless monitoring
Central monitoring system supportive
Compatible with 150/152 mm thermal recording paper
Optional Lithium-ion battery guarantees mobility
Optional Direct EKG Monitoring & Intrauterine Pressure parameters available