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12-channel electrocardiograph / computer-based

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12-channel electrocardiograph / computer-based 12-channel electrocardiograph / computer-based - Velocity


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The DRE Velocity EKG is an affordable, all-in-one EKG solution.
The DRE Velocity EKG is a 12-channel, PC-based EKG that provides clinicians with an affordable solution for both resting ECG and stress test measurement. With the high-quality acquisition module and accompanying software, you can record, analyze, store and review 12-channel ECG’s.

12-Channel ECG
The DRE Velocity EKG offers clear and reliable ECG waveform acquisition tested with CSE/MIT/AHA databases.

Comprehensive Analysis
Use the DRE Velocity software to analyze optional advanced parameters including: Vector ECG, Timed VCG, Signal Average Electrocardiogram (SAECG), Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT), QT Interval Dispersion, High Frequency ECG, and Frequency Spectrum Cardiogram.

Stress Test Capabilities
The DRE Velocity EKG is compatible with industry-leading brands of treadmills and bicycles and supports many exercise blood pressure monitors. Treadmill and monitor sold separately.


Simultaneous 12-lead acquisition
Real-time EKG waveform display on PC screen
Auto/manual measurement and interpretation
Large data storage and powerful data management software
Reports in Word, PDF and JPG formats — easily transfer via email
30s-360s HRV analysis
Stress test (optional)
Advanced analysis functions (optional): VCG, timed VCG, QT dispersion, frequency spectrum EKG