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3-channel electrocardiograph / digital / with printer



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    with printer


Portable ECG/EKG monitor displays vibrant waveforms on a convenient flip-screen

DRE True ECG-3 (Three-channel EKG)

12 leads simultaneous acquisition
Built-in high-resolution thermal printer
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
AC/DC power supply
Automatically measures and interprets ECG
Complete digital filtering, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference
Automatically adjusts baseline
Auto/manual work modes
Select from three printing formats – auto, manual and rhythm
Lead-off detection and alert
Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis

Features USB and Ethernet ports for printing and data storage

Print 12 leads via your external jet printer
Narrow screen version stores 120 ECGs and wide screen version stores 144 ECGs
Support for ECG data input function
Available with PC-based ECG data management software