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electronic ventilator / anesthesia

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electronic ventilator / anesthesia electronic ventilator / anesthesia - Bonair


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The DRE Bonair Anesthesia Ventilator is an electronic time-cycled ventilator with integrated patient alarms for improved patient safety. The Bonair has adjustable inspiratory time, expiratory time and flow rate. Adjustable low and high pressure alarms are provided.

This Bonair Anesthesia Ventilator can be placed on any flat surface or mounted on a dovetail bracket for use on the side of an anesthesia machine. The low pressure alarm is the minimum patient circuit pressure that must be achieved with each breath while the high pressure alarm stops the inspiratory flow when the set high pressure is achieved.

Options & Accessories

User Manual
Adult Bellows Assembly
Pediatric Bellows Assembly
Bellows Drive Hose
Patient Circuit - Drive Hose
Pressure Sensing Hose 2.5m/22mm M/F Connector
Anesthesia Machine Dovetail Bracket
Patient Circuit Presure Monitor