automatic biochemistry analyzer / for clinical diagnostic / benchtop / with ELISA analyzer



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for clinical diagnostic

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with ELISA analyzer, with ISE


The triology is the combination of coagulation modules, ELISA and clinical chemistry. It is a multi-disciplinary instrument and is available globally. The clinical chemistry of the product includes spectrophotometric scanning and ISE. The ELISA is provided for hemostatis, immunochemistry, TDM/DOA and esoteric testing. Chromogenic and chronometric measurement is used for coagulation measurement. 280 samples can be done each hour. The handling of sample is done fully automatic and the software can be used easily. The different types of sample are handled easily and straightforward by the flexibility of the instrument. The control and log of usage of reagents is done automatically by the management of reagent volume. The 96 microplate is used for support of reaction for accuracy and economic. The temperature control of 40 positions is available for the reagents.