animal research telemetry implant / for small animals / activity / blood glucose



  • Applications:

    for animal research

  • Type of animal:

    for small animals

  • Measured parameter:

    activity, blood glucose, temperature


The HD-XG glucose telemetry implant offers preclinical researchers a novel solution to obtain continuous, real-time, blood glucose, temperature, and activity measurements in laboratory mice and rats. This solution serves many research areas including diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.

Researchers can now collect data while reducing animal stress and measurement variability commonly associated with glucose test strip measurements. Adoption of the HD-XG in preclinical research studies will ultimately lead to the development of better drugs, better devices, and better therapies for humans while also minimizing stress artifact, reducing blood draws, and lowering sample size requirements.

Product Specifications
Second-by-second measures of blood glucose, body temperature & activity for at least 28 days from implantation and often 6 to 8 weeks.
Range of 10-750mg/dL (0.5-42 mmol/l)
Weight of 2.2g and volume of 1.4cc
Glucose sensor placed in the blood stream
In mice the sensor is placed in the aortic arch via a left carotid artery cannulation
In rats the sensor is placed in the descending aorta
Device body placement
In mice the body is placed either subcutaneously in the right flank or intraperitoneally
In rats the body is placed intraperitoneally
In vivo calibration
One multipoint calibration required
Twice weekly single point calibration references recommended