dental air compression system / with suction system
PTS 120



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    with suction system


The Power Tower PTS 120 combines compressed air and suction in one compact housing – it contains the supply to the treatment unit on a compact floor area of only 0.3 m².

The sturdy metal construction and elegant housing satisfy high design demands and blend into different surgery styles.

The supply lines to the treatment unit are connected at a central connection point. That significantly simplifies planning and installation.

The PTS 120 offers a total of 4 variants - 2 models of which with "dry" suction system.

Further aspects:

Complete surgery supply at a height of 120 cm
Compact installation area of only 0.3 m²
With only 54 dB(A) ideal for any installation location
Quality "Made in Germany", reliable and low-maintenance
Elegant integration into the surgery installation
Modular design, with variable configuration