piezoelectric ultrasonic insert / dental

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piezoelectric ultrasonic insert / dental piezoelectric ultrasonic insert / dental - 2030-151-04E


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Paro curette 2030-151-04Eangled instrument for treating subgingival and supragingival approximal surfaces.3 units/pack.
In the Vector® principle, ultrasonic oscillations are skilfully reshaped
into a linear up-and-down motion. The core element is a resonance ring, which is briefly deformed by high frequency stimulation and then returns to its starting position. With this ultra-rapid
change of shape, the resonance ring reshapes the ultrasonic
oscillations through 90° into a linear movement of the instrument.
This means that instruments move axially in parallel to the tooth
surface, eliminating the unwanted vibrations that otherwise occur
while working.
The vibration-free operational mode means a considerable
increase in touch sensitivity for the therapist. As the instruments
move parallel to the root surface, the Vector® Scaler can be
used for clinically efficient and non-traumatic treatment
With Vector® Paro, you can trust in your senses when administering treatments. This is because the unique oscillation deflection allows the therapist to control his or her highly sensitive
work precisely, since the ultrasonic instruments work completely
without unwanted vibrations. Already during the treatment process, the quality of the surface being treated can be controlled
thanks to a high degree of touch sensitivity. This is enabled by
the linear motion of the instrument. This ensures completely
vibration-free work and enables touch control comparable to
that of a diagnostic probe.