autoclavable dental air polisher
Lunos® MyFlow.



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Powder jet handpiece MyFlowTreatment interruptions are few thanks to the fundamental design of MyFlow. With the powder jet handpiece specially developed for the Lunos® prophylaxis system, the way to a radiant smile has never been so simple and convenient. Features, including low clogging potential due to the perfectly matched components, full automatic reprocessability and the ergonomically designed, perfectly balanced handpiece*, ensure perfect flow. And the best thing of all: thanks to the exchangeable chamber principle, the containers can be filled with powder before treatment and are quick and simple to exchange during treatment. Exchangeable chamber principle: Particularly easy to change with the bayonet catch, even during treatment. Handpiece and individual parts can be completely automatically reprocessed Ergonomic handpiece, the tip can be rotated by 360 degrees Low clogging potential The safe valve closure enables the containers to be filled in advance.

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