air flow meter / oxygen / plug-in type / rail-mounted



  • Fluid type:

    air, oxygen

  • Other characteristics:

    plug-in type, rail-mounted


The device is able to dose oxygen or air from a centralized medical gas pipeline system, to the patient with the use of a mask or a cannula.

The body of the flow meter is made of chrome-plated aluminum (in the historical version with float rotameter) or treatment with pearl (the new version with floating steel ball), while adjusting needle is made ​​entirely in polycarbonate.

In the entrance to the tube rotameter is placed a filter to trap any impurities.

The flow meter is available with a scale of 0-15 liters / minute.

The materials used are compatible with oxygen, the metal components are treated in order to reduce the level of contamination to minimum values ​​than those imposed by the applicable standards.

There will be a dual configuration allows the use of a single terminal unit for simultaneous administration in two patients, it is also possible to choose between the direct installation on the terminal unit and the rail (rail), or for the installation of disposable humidifiers.

The version for the track installation is equipped with hose complies with EN ISO 5359.

The humidifier is equipped with a safety valve for excess pressure. The device is fully autoclavable up to 134 ° C.

Applied standards

ISO 15002
UNI EN 13220
UNI 11341

Materials used

For the flow meter: body made ​​of aluminum alloy, brass alloy, both with surface protection treatment, polycarbonate, sintered bronze, stainless steel, PTFE
For humidifier: body brass alloy or polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate bottle 300 cc