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document management software module / prescription / for communication / medical
e-MDs Chart



  • Function:

    document management, prescription, for communication

  • Application domain:

    medical, EHR


e-MDs Chart: Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Improving Patient Care

Physicians are facing numerous pressures from all directions. Government regulations, complex insurance rules, higher patient expectations, increasing overhead and decreasing reimbursements mean practices must be run efficiently. e-MDs Chart is exactly what you need to not only meet these challenges, but to thrive in this environment.
Intuitive and easy to use.

Complete, accurate documentation is one of the most critical issues for physicians purchasing an EHR. Designed by physicians for physicians, e-MDs Chart allows swift and complete documentation at the point of care in a manner that is intuitive and easy to use. Chart excels at capturing the narrative elements of an encounter in flowing, readable sentences while seamlessly capturing the underlying structured elements that drive workflow, coding and clinical quality. Medication order entry reduces errors, resulting in better patient care. Integrated evidence-based guidelines assist the physician in providing optimal care for chronic diseases. This translates into better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.
Why e-MDs Chart?

Intuitive doctor-designed system means a quicker ramp up time to full productivity
Readable, flowing documentation (image)
Increased profitability and ROI (link)
Streamline and eliminate paper processes
Improve patient care
Risk reduction
Improved coding