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fingertip pulse oximeter / compact / wireless

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fingertip pulse oximeter / compact / wireless fingertip pulse oximeter / compact / wireless - EHP50D1


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    fingertip, compact

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The Easy@Home Fingertip Pulse Oximeter allows you to find your SpO2 and pulse rate in a flash! Operating is easy because you only need to push one button. Furthermore, it is FDA approved for recreational use, but not medical use. With this at your hands, or more specifically, fingertips, you can perform measurements anywhere, and anytime!

Once you place your fingertip into the chamber, your results will display within a few seconds. What you will see are numbers signifying your SpO2 levels and pulse rate with a plethysmograph. Then, underneath, a bar graph will display your heart rate in real time. The bright OLED display can rotate in four directions so that you can easily see the results from any view. By pushing the button, the display will rotate and also show or hide the graph.

Measures SpO2 and Pulse Rate
Luxury Dual-Color OLED display can change in 4 directions and 6 modes
Shows waveform and bar graphs
Last display mode saved after auto power off
FDA Approved for recreational use