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PVC flooring / anti-static / acoustic / antibacterial



  • Material:


  • Technical characteristics:

    anti-static, acoustic, antibacterial


With this type of flooring it is possible to cover the aluminium wall connection profiles to obtain a perfectly flush-fitting and hygienic environment. Cleaning is even easier thanks to the polyurethane surface treatment and the compact surfaces that no longer require surface waxing. Based on specific project needs, the brand and the type of material required are selected from a wide and highly specific product range.

Pressed flooring composed of anti-static PVC plates with a thickness of between 2 and 3 mm (available in 60x60cm tiles or in rolls with a width of 200 cm).

PVC has the following characteristics and advantages:

Acoustic insulation
Resistant to most chemical agents diluted with acids, bases, oils and fuels
Smooth matte effect
Ultra-compact surface ideal for cleaning and hygiene
PU surface finish (no wax – no polish)
Available in 19 different colours

CE Certification: EN 14041
Classification: ISO 10874
Total thickness: 2,0 mm
Total weight/sqm: 3150 g
Dimensional stability: <0,40%
Fire reaction: Classe B – S1
Electrostatic property: <2 Kv
VOC emissions: 0,3
Colours: 19 (cartella colori inviata su richiesta del cliente)
Optional accessories: Anti-humidity underlay barrier to reduce rising humidity

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