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medical sealer / automatic / with printer medical sealer / automatic / with printer - EF102-U


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    with printer


EF102-U-type sealing machine in case of simultaneous dual-line printing, can be connected to a computer via its own operating procedures, the use of computers to facilitate the conduct parameter set or change the print content, or a computer with a built-in SD card and transmission of information between devices, without having to configure a dedicated computer, easy to adjust the two-line print content.

Technical Parameters:

l Sealing speed: 10 ± 0.5 m / min ;

l Seal pattern width: 12 mm sealing strength: to meet the requirements of YY/T0698.5-2009;

l Sealing left side: 0 ~ 35 mm adjustable ;

l Power supply: 220V ± 10% 50Hz ;

l Maximum power: 500W ;

l Equipment size: 560 × 260 × 220mm Weight: 20Kg;

Performance Specifications :
l Chinese, English, numbers, and in line with "YY0466-2003 medical device used with medical device labels, tags,

and providing information symbols" and other special symbols print function, enabling the validity of the Ministry of

Health requirements, batch, using the department name, operator name or label, pan number, pan inferior various

printing requirements;

l dual print head configuration, you can set the print business, adjust the print content, dual-line printing,

users can decide positional parameters, print settings, or the next printing;

l have identified sealing machine running automatic detection function, to achieve detection equipment operating pressure and

velocity parameters of the device itself can be instantly displayed in the test status, speed of the device, pressure, temperature

and test time can be printed and saved;