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Noninvasive Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System

* Possibility to start and configure studies either from the PC or the acquisition module.
* Fully configurable protocols, including morning period.
* Up to 300 measurements per study.
* Hourly averages and statistics. Dispersion time to adjust anti-hypertensive treatment.
* Automatic generation of histograms, pie and load graphs.
* Daily, nightly, and morning statistics. Evaluation of dysautonomia.
* Fully configurable reports, including all graphics, evaluations, summaries and conclusions.
* Washable sleeves designed for ambulatory monitoring. Includes 2 sleeves (4 sizes available).
* Uses 2 AA batteries, which can be rechargeable.

Technical specifications
* Oscillometric measurement method with deflation by steps. Measurement of heart rate.
* Internal memory capable of storing up to 31 studies. Studies are download via USB.
* Uses 2 AA batteries, which can be rechargeable.
* Measuring ranges: 40-260 mmHg
* Measuring range: 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 min
* Dimensions: 7 cm wide x 3.5 cm thick x 12.5 cm long
* Weight: 250 g without batteries
* Safety limit for maximum inflation pressure, safety valve for automatic pressure release and maximum measurement time limited to 180 sec