visualization software / diagnostic / for ultrasound imaging

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visualization software visualization software - Ecoestres


  • Function:

    visualization, diagnostic

  • Application domain:

    for ultrasound imaging


Compatible with any ultrasound scanner

* Compatible with any model of ultrasound scanner.
* Continuous acquisition up to 2 minutes per protocol stage.
* Study review (cineloop) by views or stages, synchronized by ECG.
* Possibility of simultaneous exercise testing with Eccosur ECG View - Stress ECG.
* Measurement of ventricular volume by uni- and bi-dimensional Simpson method.
* Endocardial excursion analysis in multi-directional M-mode.
* Fully configurable protocols, including exercise and pharmacological tests.
* Study export to CDs, including an application for review and analysis.
* Fully customizable reports, including scoring schemes.
* Segmental scoring per views, coronary territories and bulls eye plot (16/17 segment ASE).

Technical specifications
* CE certified image acquisition module (frame grabber) with USB 2.0 or PCI connection.
* 25 or 30 frames per second depending on ultrasound device video output (PAL or NTSC).
* Compatible with standard composite video and s-video.
* Synchronization with the ECG signal through direct image processing or by external module.
* Ability to command the acquisition by a foot pedal