portable, with trolley ultrasound system / for colorectal ultrasound imaging / B/W / color doppler



  • Ergonomics:

    portable, with trolley

  • Application:

    for colorectal ultrasound imaging

  • Options:

    B/W, color doppler, touchscreen, spectral doppler


COLORECTAL – ERUS (Endorectal Ultrasound) :
Endoanal and endorectal ultrasound scanner for proctology and colorectal surgery with high resolution 360° radial rectal probe for accurate scanning of the rectal wall/anal canal, and the internal/external sphincter muscles. Excellent tool for proctology practitioners. ERUS is currently the most widely used and effective diagnostic modality in the assessment of rectal cancer overall.
Linear probe at working range 5-12 MHz, supported by Color/Power Doppler facility gives wide possibility to visualize and diagnose hypodermic diseases (haemorrhoid, sphincter etc.).