on-platform, compact ultrasound system / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging / B/W / color doppler



  • Ergonomics:

    on-platform, compact

  • Application:

    for multipurpose ultrasound imaging

  • Options:

    B/W, color doppler, touchscreen, spectral doppler


New, Friendly and Useful SPINEL II

The new (after Facelift) scanner SPINEL II – (Touch Screen) is a high-performance, up-to-date, and universal ultrasound system with a wide range of diagnostic applications.
Modern architecture and flexible configurations designate SPINEL II to be programmable and adaptable for specific diagnostic requirements. Powerful Color, Power and Spectral Doppler technology, high quality and high resolution of tissue visualization provide maximum productivity and diagnostic accuracy.

The SPINEL II ultrasound multipurpose system – recommended for a wide range of applications:

General – abdominal
OB/GYN – supported with Doppler modes
Urology (incl. prostate and testicles exams)
Proctology (colorectal surgery)
Vascular ( surgery, access etc)
Endocrinology , Oncology
Musculoskeletal, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation