portable veterinary ultrasound system / multipurpose / for small animals / color doppler



  • Ergonomics:


  • Exploration:


  • Type of animal:

    for small animals

  • Options:

    color doppler


EPIDOT SC (Touch Screen) is a smart, versatile and up-to-date portable ultrasound scanner for general and specialized diagnostic in veterinary practice. It is an indispensable tool for examination of small animals.

Easy and extremely friendly to operate and carry. Features predetermine this device to be used in all possible areas/environments from hospital wards, emergency rooms via private clinics to outdoor’s places.

Special features:

Special remote-wired-controller significantly improves work performance and provides convenient operation.
EPIDOT user interface based on touch screen technology makes operation easy and user-friendly. The touch screen can be operated not only with fingers, but also using the enclosed stylus to keep it clean.
Compact and portable system with integrated probes storage bin provides excellent protection during carry
Power supply from an internal long-lasting battery or mains power supply.

Biometric tables GA for cats and dogs
Diagnostics features especially full Doppler option, places EPIDOT scanner to be sophisticated device for examinations and supervision purposes
Multiple operating modes, i.e. 2D, M, PW Doppler, Color Doppler, Power Doppler