endoscopy insufflator with gas preheating
LAP 25, LAP 40



  • Insufflator options:

    with gas preheating


Our new CO2 laparoscopic Insufflator LAP 25/40

The insufflator LAP 25/40 for laparoscopic surgery is an equipment that combines a precise continuous-flow system and a gas heater that provides superior safety to the patient.

The equipment achieves a quick, stable, precise and immediate intra-abdominal pressure due to its continuous insufflating system with a 25/40 liter-flow per minute. It is provided with a user friendly digital panel that indicates the following parameters: preset abdominal pressure, actual abdominal pressure, real flow and total gas volume.

The system is extremely safe thanks to its electronic and mechanical pressure control.

The different visual and sound alarms immediately warn the physician of any irregularity. Every time the equipment is turned on, it performs an internal automatic check that detects damages.

Its “stand-by” system allows the user to select both the pressure level and the flow rate before starting surgery.

It is provided with a CO2 heating device for the patient’s safety.