Raman microscope / laboratory / for research / benchtop

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Raman microscope / laboratory / for research / benchtop Raman microscope / laboratory / for research / benchtop - RM5


  • Applications:

    laboratory, for research

  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:

    benchtop, compact

  • Observation technique:

    fluorescence, confocal


RM5 Raman Microscope

Truly Confocal – with variable slit and multiple position adjustable pinhole for higher image definition, better fluorescence rejection and application optimisation
Integrated Narrowband Raman Lasers – up to 3 computercontrolled lasers for ease of use, enhanced stability and reduced footprint
5-Position Grating Turret – for unrivalled spectral resolution of 1.4 cm-1 (FWHM) and optimisation over the full spectral range 50 cm-1 – 4000 cm-1
Integrated Detectors – up to 2, including high efficiency CCD, EMCCD and InGaAs arrays for low noise, increased speed, high sensitivity and wide spectral range

The RM5 is a compact and fully automated Raman microscope for analytical and research purposes. The truly confocal design of the RM5 is unique to the market and offers uncompromised spectral resolution, spatial resolution, and sensitivity.

Our Raman microscope builds on the expertise of robust and proven building blocks, combined with modern optical design considerations; and a focus on function, precision and speed. The result is a modern Raman microscope that stands alone in both specifications and ease of use.

Internal Standards and Auto-Calibration – to ensure the highest quality data at all times
4-Position Raman Filter Turret – fully automated notch and edge filters to match the Raman range to excitation laser wavelength
Ramacle® Software – one powerful software package for complete system control, data acquisition, analysis and ease of upgrade
High Performance Microscope – compatible with all the latest accessories