chronic total occlusion catheter / aortic / cardiac / neurovascular
Fogarty Occlusion



  • Application:

    chronic total occlusion

  • Area of the body:

    aortic, cardiac, neurovascular, renal artery, peripheral

  • Options:



Fogarty Occlusion Catheter
Occlusion catheters are available with a small balloon or a large balloon for use in a variety of procedures.

Small balloon occlusion catheters are effective in gaining temporary occlusion of blood flow in the following applications:

Small diameter vessels such as those in the distal periphery.
Operative occlusion of blood supply to specific organs such as the kidneys.
Vascular-neuro surgery procedures, such as carotid-cavernous sinus fistulas.

Large balloon occlusion catheters are ideally suited for occlusion control in:

Aortic or cardiac hemorrhage.
Internal jugular vein hemorrhage near the base of the skull.
Operation on the lower part of the abdominal aorta and renal arteries to eliminate the need for extensive dissection.
Thrombectomy procedure utilizing the Fogarty graft thrombectomy catheter.

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