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protective coverall / unisex / disposable / waterproof



  • Type of clothing:

    protective coveralls

  • User:


  • Options:

    disposable, waterproof


Protective biological and chemical protective suit with a respirator / face mask and protective glasses provides optimum protection against dust, solid particles, aerosols, liquid organic and concentrated inorganic chemicals (also under pressure), against biological hazardous substances, radioactive substances and military warfare agents. It is classified in category III, type 3B, 4, 5 and 6 and meets the requirements of the following standards: EN 14605, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2.

The set consist of:
Chemical and biological suit
Protective glasses
Respiratory mask FFP3
Protective gloves LATEX, 2 pairs
Protective nitrile gloves,1 pair
Chemical protective boots
Adhesive tape „EGO“, 8 m
Bag for bio-waste, 2 pcs
Tightening tape, 3 pcs
Pack for set
Warning: Protective biological and chemical suit, filters, gloves, adhesive tape and bag for bio-waste are intended for limited / single use (depending on the risk exposure)