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medical device medical suitcase



  • Use:

    for medical devices


This writing case with four coloured pads (for triage) is designated especially for Rescue Service crews, meant for storing records of the nursed patients, and all the documentation required while providing the rescue service itself. The set of pads serves not just as an excellent aid to speed-up implementation of the documentation while classification of the injured, within exceptional incidents with a high number of victims and injured..

1 small front pocket on the exterior
a high-visibility strip
a handle for carry-over
5 large transparent sections with a clip on the left inner pocket
a pen holder
5 small transparent sections on the right inner side
a solid pad with a clip on a 4-rings mechanism
4 coloured pads

Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 29 x 35,5 x 4,5 cm (v x š x h)
Weight: 1,4 kg