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electronic ventilator / for hyperbaric chambers
Biobox: EBX-06



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for hyperbaric chambers


Biobox is designed for use inside buildings and existing buildings as internal isolation chamber, possibly for use inside air conditioned and heated tents. Maintenance-free tube design allows you to maintain a long-term Biobox in working condition.

balanced air distribution inside the chamber through double roof
filtration-ventilation unit ensures complete air exchange in the isolation chamber every 2 minutes
expelled air goes through HEPA-filter with built-in source of UV radiation which destroys captured organism
filtration efficiency is 99,9995%
through the use of entrance port it is possible to connect medical devices outwardly and thereby protect them from contamination, ports are also used for connection of infusions, respiratory device, etc.
facility for staff and equipment decontamination after exiting the chamber in attached decontamination module
insulating negative pressure chamber provides immediate and highly efficient isolation of infected patients, decontamination and subsequent safe contact medical staff with him
this product has also been clinically tested in the Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague, Czech Republic