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high-definition display / 30" / LCD / LED
Radiforce® RX1270

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high-definition display / 30 high-definition display / 30" / LCD / LED - Radiforce® RX1270


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    LCD, LED

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Compact 12 megapixel multi-modality monitor packed full of features to improve comfort and work efficiency.

Eye Relief
with Comfort Light
The built-in comfort light gently illuminates the wall behind the monitor without interfering with the low ambient lighting typical of reading rooms. This reduces the contrast between the wall and monitor to prevent eye fatigue without creating glare on the screen.

Easily Navigate
Your Workspace
It is also equipped with a spotlight which allows you to see printed documents or your keyboard. The position can be easily adjusted in order to achieve the ideal lighting.

Streamline Your Workflow
Display various images on an ultra-high resolution 12 megapixel (4200 x 2800 pixels) single screen with the freedom of image layout. It provides streamlined visibility compared with multi-monitor environments, leading to greater efficiency.

Compact and Feature-Packed
The monitor realizes the ultra-high resolution of 12 megapixels on a 30.9-inch screen. The new design is more compact compared to two conventional 5 megapixel monitors used side by side. This all while including a built-in comfort light and internal power supply that do not impose on the workspace.