swing door / hospital / radiation protection

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swing door / hospital / radiation protection swing door / hospital / radiation protection


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    radiation protection


El Dorado Metals heavy radiation shielding swing doors are manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Typical applications include linear accelerator neutron doors, Tomo Therapy doors, and HDR doors. Each radiation shielding door and frame is custom designed and fabricated to meet the requirements of your radiation shielding project.


Exclusive hinge mounting system ensuring precision pin alignment
Structural frame anchors specifically designed for vertical and radial door support of the frame
Operator mounting layout pre-drilled and tapped for accurate alignment
Offset hinge stop which results in a designed clear opening when the door is open to 90°
Electric door operators certified by the manufacturer to operate doors at designed weights and torque
Partial open feature standard
Engineered for installation of several available safety devices