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dishwasher dishwasher - 502036


Undercounter dishwasher, double skin, insulated with atmospheric boiler (6kW), continuous water softener and drain pump - medical line, 216d/h

The product features
Designed to efficiently disinfect items thus fulfilling hospital requirements by guaranteeing a temperature of 90 °C during 30 seconds rinsing phase.
Continuous water softener (CWS) to ensure complete and automatic regeneration of rinse water without pressure drop.
Front loading of regeneration salt: 2 resin containers alternate for non-stop washing.
Built-in atmospheric boiler sized to raise incoming 50 °C water to 90 °C minimum for sanitizing rinse. No external booster is required.
Built-in rinse aid dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs.
Constant temperature of 90 °C thoughout the rinsing cycle regardless of the networks water pressure.
Unique temperature interlock guarantees required temperatures in both the wash and final rinse.
Washing capacity of 12 baskets or 216 dishes per hour.