multi-person reaction station / laboratory / heating / cooling



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    heating, cooling, compact, parallel, screening, multi-person, inerting


Our OS1025 STEM Omni Reaction Station enables you to run up to 10 reactions simultaneously at the same controlled temperature and stirring rate and a working volume of 1 to 25 ml. The modular design of the OS1025 Omni Reaction Station means that the same base unit (OMCA) can accommodate a variety of cartridges and sample volumes from 1 to 1000ml. This base unit can accommodate the Digi-Mantle heating cartridges making OMCA a space saving, cost effective option for all labs. All heating blocks, glassware and reflux heads are also interchangeable. In addition, its compact footprint means that it can be placed into any fume hood or onto a small bench space.