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    radiation therapy

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Treatment planning
Homogeneous dose delivery on the target while sparing the OaR
Oncentra Brachy
Comprehensive treatment planning software
Designing the optimal dose distribution can be a time-consuming job. The latest version of Oncentra Brachy offers a series of useful tools that simplify many repetitive tasks, such as contouring and reconstruction. Oncentra Brachy buys you time to focus on what counts: creating the optimal dose distribution.

Oncentra Brachy also helps you optimize treatment plan accuracy, providing easy navigation to any plane that offers the most relevant information per region of interest. Template solutions for repetitive tasks, such as the new Implant Modeling tool and the popular Applicator Modeling feature, help reduce implant reconstruction time. DVH presets and the ROI Catalog Manager can help improve accuracy and reproducibility. Powerful inverse planning optimization automates volume-based planning, making the process fast and efficient.
Reduce implant reconstruction time

Instant applicator reconstruction in relation to anatomy
Contains the complete geometry of Elekta’s gynecological applicators
Includes the measured source paths of ring applicators
Accounts for dose attenuation resulting from shielding during planning and shields are fully visible
Dose distribution calculated by ACE

Algorithm based on the TG-186 recommendations published by the AAPM workgroup in 2012
Algorithm based on the TG-186 recommendations published by the AAPM workgroup in 2012
Discriminates between tissue, air and bone
Accounts for tissue heterogeneities, lack of backscatter from areas with no tissue, applicator attenuation and shieldingImplant modeling tool