bench-top protein analyzer / for the food industry / laboratory / Dumas method
rapid N exceed



  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry, laboratory

  • Detection mode:

    Dumas method


Time for a change in protein analysis

50 years ago the rapid N saw the light of day for the first time!

Based on these experiences the rapid N exceed is the most economic and innovative nitrogen/protein analyzer according to Dumas. In day-to-day business it performs routine analyses of food or feed up to 1 g sample weight in your laboratory. The rapid N exceed represents the fast, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to the classical Kjeldahl method.

As the most innovative enterprise in the field of elemental analysis, Elementar takes this traditional analytical technology to a new level. This is made possible by a completely new method of reduction of nitric oxides and absorption of excess oxygen in the analysis gas. Due to a defined interaction of reduction and oxidation (patent applied for) used reduction agent will be automatically generated during operation. Thus, a reduction reactor (reductor) can be used for several thousand samples without change or maintenance.

At the same time, Elementar relies on proven technology for the newly developed rapid N exceed:

CO2 as carrier gas saves the finite resource helium and guarantees stable prices and constant availability.
The fastest protein analysis with analysis times of less than four minutes and highest sample throughput in this instrument class.
The post-combustion guarantees exact results, independent of any sample matrix.
The rapid N exceed never takes a break: it operates 24/7 – 365 days a year.