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laboratory water purifier / UV
PURELAB Chorus 2 +

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laboratory water purifier / UV laboratory water purifier / UV - PURELAB Chorus 2 +


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Flexible. Configurable. Simple.
One complete solution for the laboratory
The PURELAB Chorus 2+ provides additional bacteria and inorganic quality for sensitive analytical and life science applications above that of basic laboratory work. With its simple design and ease of use, water can be dispensed from the system or from a choice of additional Halo Dispensers.

PURELAB Chorus 2+ (RO/EDI/UV) features our patented recirculating EDI technology: the only EDI system on the market that is able to fully recirculate to maintain >15 MΩ.cm.

Fully Recirculating EDI ELGA’s patented fully recirculated EDI provides a constant supply of high purity that guarantees a minimum of 15 MΩ.cm water at all times.
Ideal for High Volume Labs A cost-effective solution for laboratories requiring higher output volumes thanks to the incorporated EDI technology.
Single System Solution Perfect single system solution for analytical and life science applications requiring >15 MΩ.cm.
Reduced Maintenance Times Quick and easy replacement of consumables to reduce maintenance times.
Space Saving Design Designed to be modular and stackable to save space, whether wall-mounted or under the bench.
Data Capture Data capture via USB for system performance validation and software updates.

Ideally suited for: Electrochemistry, Cell cultures, Spectrophotometry, Feed to ultrapure water, Media/buffer preparation, General chemistry

● Type II+ Water ● >15 MΩ.cm ● Liters per day: 1 - 120