3-channel EEG system / for pediatric monitoring / with neurofeedback evaluation
EEG DigiTrack



  • Number of channels:


  • Applications:

    for pediatric monitoring

  • Options:

    with neurofeedback evaluation


3-channel EEG DigiTrack™ BIOFEEDBACK VR [2xEEG + HR+ SpO2]

EEG Biofeedback training enables improvement of cognitive functions of the brain. It helps to achieve control over physiological processes taking place in our organisms. Biofeedback is used as a therapeutic method in case of children with scholastic problems, ADHD, people after brain injury, in therapy of some psychic disorders. It could be used to improve concentration of healthy people or as a relaxation training.

Dla bardziej zaawansowanych terapeutów proponujemy aparat 3-kanałowy, z możliwością pomiaru saturacji krwi i rytmu serca, co pozwala na uzyskanie pełnych informacji o stanie pacjenta podczas prowadzenia terapii/treningu.