analysis software module / diagnostic / monitoring / evaluation
EEG Biofeedback



  • Function:

    analysis, diagnostic, monitoring, evaluation, recording

  • Application domain:

    EEG, neurological


EEG Biofeedback module for EEG devices
The optional software modules make the EEGDigiTrack a powerful diagnostic tool!

This module allows the users to conduct a Biofeedback therapy with an EEG device. EEG Biofeedback training improves brain's work and cognitive functions. The software offers extensive options for adjusting the training to suit the patient's individual needs, like biofeedback games, adjustment of delay and stimulation level, selecting the optimal training protocol (also creating own protocols). EEGDigiTrack CFM module (trend recording and analysis) enables hourslong neurological and cardiological monitoring as well as evaluation of condition during events like: desaturation, bradycardia, tachycardia, convulsions, sleep, arousal and other occurring in intensive therapy, for both newborn children and adult patients. Therapy's results are presented in clear tables and a new method of individual session and round comparison (learning curve) presents patient's progress and therapy's effectiveness.