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fluoroscopy system / digital / for cardiovascular fluoroscopy / with floor-mounted C-arm



  • System type:

    fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for cardiovascular fluoroscopy

  • Features:

    with floor-mounted C-arm


E-5000 floor mounted cardiac Catheterization Lab with Flat Panel detector represents the EMD vision towards new potentials and future possibilities in the cardiovascular and interventional cardiology with an emphasis on speed, agility, precision and safety. The system main features are:

Single Plane Flat Panel detector
Floor mounted Cardiac C-Arm
20x20, 30x30 Flat Panel detector
Optimal Patient Access
it consists of an enhanced tools for diangnosis and treatment.
Smooth C-Arm movements that allow rapid access to desired position.
Cardiovascular and interventional applications
1 K2 image acquisition and processing
Excellent image quality on large patients
Joystick controllers
Smooth table movement
Fast and accurate
Ergonomic design

There is another type of E-5000 with Imaging Unit 9" or 12". E-5000 with Imaging unit is an advanced design which provides high precise image quality at low x-ray dosage.

The flexible and ergonomic architecture of both designs of E-5000 permit an easy to use the cardiac catheterization system for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.