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cutting electrosurgical unit / coagulation / universal / surgical
atom smart



  • Features:

    cutting, coagulation

  • Application domain:

    universal, surgical

  • Type:


  • Cutting power:

    200 W

  • Coagulating power:

    120 W, 200 W


Operating modes

Prepared for cutting and coagulation treatments. It has two universal SDS sockets.
It is equipped with "Smart Device System" technology, which evokes operating modes and settings
Automatically adjusts power to the user's needs.
It enables fast and comfortable work. Atom smart has monopolar and bipolar modes.

Power Output

Pure monopolar cutting 200 W
Blend monopolar cutting 200 W
Soft monopolar coagulation 200 W
Forced monopolar coagulation 200 W
Bipolar coagulation 120 W