shortwave diathermy unit / trolley-mounted
Megapulse Senior 265

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shortwave diathermy unit / trolley-mounted shortwave diathermy unit / trolley-mounted - Megapulse Senior 265


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    shortwave diathermy unit

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This shortwave therapy product is an advanced solution that is backed with years of research to have a reliable equipment that attends to the needs of patients and physicians alike. The system offers continuous and pulsed shortwave therapy and is one of the latest EMS equipment. Apart from being stylish and practical, the Megapulse Senior 265 is also compact and offers a wide range of additional features.

Shortwave Therapy

Shortwave refers to electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range 2 to 100 MHz. Shortwave therapy is the application of electromagnetic energy to the body at shortwave frequencies. At these frequencies the electromagnetic energy is converted to thermal energy by the induction of circulating currents in the tissue and dielectric absorbtion in insulating tissue. Shortwave therapy units may produce output power levels of up to 500W providing significant heating to the area of the body being treated. For this reason the treatment is often called shortwave diathermy (through heating). To avoid equipment such as shortwave therapy units interfering with radio communications, certain frequency ranges are designated by international agreement as ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands.

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