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endoscopy insufflator endoscopy insufflator


Better for you - better for the patient
The Insufflator is designed for use with CO2 as the distention medium in the gastrointestinal tract and is used in conjunction with a gastrointestinal endoscope. Using CO2 reduces the stress on the patient by a considerable degree. Due to its very compact dimensions, the CO2 Insufflator can be integrated seamlessly in the endoscopy equipment used by all practitioners. The endoscope user will not notice a difference between using CO2 and ambient air. The flow of gas is controlled in exactly the same manner in line with requirements and at the required rate. The integrated gas-saving functions ensure the high availability of the equipment.
The Insufflator can be used in either direct or indirect insufflation mode. Indirect insufflation is performed via the water bottle. This equipment can, if required, employ the direct-insufflation principle. In contrast to all the conventional CO2 Insufflators available, the direct-insufflation principle insufflates CO2 gas via the biopsy channel of the endoscope direct. As a result, no gas is emitted into the ambient air. The actual amount of gas used is thus reduced to 1/3 of that required for conventional systems.
The system is also equipped with a pressure regulator that prevents potential hazards to the patient from uncontrolled emission of gas into the bowel.