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endoscope brush / non-sterile / dual-head

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endoscope brush / non-sterile / dual-head endoscope brush / non-sterile / dual-head


  • Applications:

    for endoscopes

  • Other characteristics:

    non-sterile, dual-head


Cleaning Brushes incl. valve brush

Among the singular product range of Endo technology we offer different brushes for the operating channel rank and two kinds of double sided cleaning brushes.
The current reporting over cases of cross contamination clarifies the necessity to ensure the unendangered usage of cleaning instruments and to take no risk
during the patient´s treatment regarding improperly prepared endoscopes.
Product properties like texturised catheters with high grasp security, particularly formed nylon bristles and gently rounded brush points offer our customer security
with maintenance of sensitive and expensive devices. Each instrument guarantees a maximum cleaning efficiency by lower costs.

Texturised catheter with high grasp security
Secure handling of wet, slippery instruments
Soft, particularly formed nylon bristles
Increased cleaning efficiency
Rotund plastic tip
Easier inserting of the brush into the long, sensitive biopsy channel and protection from scratches and damages
Appropriate price level

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