ultrasound diathermy unit / tabletop / 2-channel
Sonopuls StatUS

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ultrasound diathermy unit / tabletop / 2-channel ultrasound diathermy unit / tabletop / 2-channel - Sonopuls StatUS


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    ultrasound diathermy unit

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The StatUSTM ultrasound treatment is the latest development in
therapy and treatment comfort. StatUSTM stands for Stationary Ultra
Sound. In other words: ultrasound applied without moving the
treatment head (= stationary). StatUS-Therapy, developed by EnrafNonius
in collaboration with international institutes, is an innovative
way of applying ultrasound – in a stationary (static) way. This is a
recent, unique method in physiotherapy. Normally, ultrasound energy
is applied by moving the treatment head (the dynamic or semistationary
method). The movement is necessary because within an
ultrasound bundle, as well as in the tissue, certain symptoms may
occur which could lead to tissue damage in the form of hotspots. For
this reason, treatment with a stationary treatment head is rarely applied.
StatUSTM-Therapy, however, is a new treatment method that
transforms the disadvantages of static ultrasound application into
advantages for both the therapist and the patient.

Current channels: 2, independent, fully galvanically isolated
Current types: 16 current types-36 variants
Ultrasound frequencies: 1 and 3 MHz
Ultrasound: continuous and pulsed
StatUS: duty cyle modulation and
amplitude modulation
Pulse frequency / duty cycle: 100 Hz/ 5, 10, 20, 50, 80%-16 Hz / 20%-48
Hz / 20%
Number of US connections: 2
Number of vacuum
electrode connections: 4
Intensity: 0-2 W/cm2 continuous,
0-3 W/cm2 pulsed
Programmable positions: unlimited
programmes: 60 items
Supply voltage: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions (wxdxh): 45x37x29,5 cm
Weight: 6.2 kg

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