microwave diathermy unit / trolley-mounted
Radarmed 650+

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microwave diathermy unit / trolley-mounted microwave diathermy unit / trolley-mounted - Radarmed 650+


  • Type:

    microwave diathermy unit

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The Radarmed 650+ and 950+ are units for continuous and pulsed
microwave therapy with a frequency of 2450 MHz (12 cm waves).
The options for dosage are based on the warmth sensation of the
patient. This is considered a big advantage and also makes microwave
a safe therapy. Microwave therapy is simple to apply thanks
to the unipolar application. The radiatormakes no contact with the
patient and is simple, safe and hygienic to apply
1435901 RADARMED 650+
Unit for continuous en pulsed microwave therapy. Dosage and treatment
time are digitally displayed on screen. They are easy to set with the push

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