roll-up door / for industrial applications / for healthcare facilities / high-speed



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    for industrial applications, for healthcare facilities

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Large interior high speed roll up door

With its large dimensions, the DYNACO M3 COMPACT is an ideal interior flexible high speed roll up door for the industry and logistics. Its fast door cycle enables smooth internal traffic of goods and personnel.

The interior high speed door keeps draught, humidity, dust and dirt out of your premises. A superior seal around the full perimeter of the flexible roll up door and the high operating speed result in significant energy savings.
Safe for staff and equipment

Low maintenance requirements and the advanced push-pull drive technology assure a long life time and a reduced cost of ownership for this high speed roll up door.

Free of rigid elements in the curtain, DYNACO M3 COMPACT flexible roll up doors are safe for your staff and equipment. When accidentally dislodged, the door curtain will reinsert itself into its side guides, simply by opening and closing the roll up door.