radiation therapy room radiation shielding block



  • Use:

    for radiation therapy rooms


Envirotects interlocking lead chevron rails offer maximum protection against high energy x-rays used in areas such as radiotherapy, brachytherapy and PET scanning.
Our lead rails can be easily installed. The V shape tongue and groove profile allows the rails to interlock into one another to provide a fully shielded wall.
The versatile shielding solution can also be used for industrial x-ray, general nuclear shielding and medical applications.
Lead plates are used where the shielding requirement is less than 12mm.
Envirotect are also able to provide full design and installation service for industrial rooms.

PET Scanners
Gamma Camera Rooms
Brachytherapy Rooms
Hot Bedrooms & Waiting Areas
Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Industrial X-ray