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optical surgical navigation system optical surgical navigation system - IRIS


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    dental surgery


Navigating the Future of Dental Implants.

The Implant Real-time Imaging System (IRIS) features the utilization of optical space location technology to instantly visualize the implant handpiece and drill together with a CBCT 3D image. With the aid of this real-time imaging system, users can see the position of the drill as well as data such as bone quality, nerve and sinus location and more.

This critical data can assist the implantologists in navigation and give real-time guidance during implant surgery. Similar to a car navigation system, the system is set up to visualize the destination and helps guide the pre-planned placement of implants, avoid dangerous areas, reduce risk and increase the likelihood of successful implant surgery.

Advanced Registration Method

-Pre-surgical planning: The system works with pre-taken CBCT images as they are used for planning and precision enhancing while reducing unnecessary invasion and damage during surgery.
-User-friendly technology: The interface of the software and the easy calibration of the instruments make IRIS one of the most user-friendly equipment in the market.

Compatibility with AR glasses

Just by connecting the glasses via USB, the system effortlessly recognizes the hardware, displaying instantly the current navigation images on the AR glasses.

1. Real-time monitoring of drill position
2. Real-time Implant Navigation System assists to increase the accuracy and safety of the implant surgery.
3. Alerts the proximity to the nerve. Assists to verify the position, angle, and depth while drilling.
4. Minimally invasive surgery
5. Avoids excessive radiation dosages during the treatment.