portable multi-parameter monitor / ECG / RESP / TEMP



  • Measured parameter:


  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Configuration:

    compact, portable

  • Patient type:


  • Screen size:

    15 in


This equipment can monitor such parameters as ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, Dual- channel TEMP, dual-channel IBP and EtCO2. It integrates parameter measurement module, display and recorder in one device to form a compact and portable equipment. At the same time, its built-in replaceable battery provides convenience for patient moving. This equipment adopts full-isolation(floating), ECG defibrillation-proof protection, ECG anti-high frequency interference and NIBP dual-protection for over-pressure, to ensure monitoring quality and reduce operation risk, which is applicable for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonate.

Main Features

Elegant appearance, clear marks, standard interface, oxygen graph, trend graph, big characters, other BED observation, which are convenient for users.

¦Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2 and dual-channel TEMP. IBP, CO2 and built-in printer are optional.

¦Fifteen languages are optional, and all operations can be finished by keys and buttons.

¦15'' color LCD displays patient parameter and waveform collected, and alarm, bed NO., clock, equipment state and other information provided by the monitor synchronously.

¦Monitoring parameters, scan speed, volume and output contents can be set optionally.

¦Storage of 480-hour trend data, and review of 34-second holographic waveform.

¦Adopt digital SpO2 technology, strong in anti-interference and anti-weak filling capability.

¦Calculation of drug concentration.

¦Built-in rechargeable battery for uninterrupted monitoring.

¦Print ECG, SpO2, RESP, BP and TEMP data with one-key.

¦Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(requirement for special leads).