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veterinary examination table / electric / height-adjustable / 1-section



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EQUA-4019 is the flagship of our veterinary product line, the world’s lowest electrically adjustable veterinary table!
The unique X-frame design allows for maximum height adjustment. At the lowest position the table goes down to just 25 cm, which eases lifting large dogs on the table.
The height of the table is comfortably regulated by a foot pedal. The Hanning series electric motor produced in Germany makes for smooth and quiet up-and-down operation of the table.
On all four sides of the table are strong stainless steel rails on which necessary accessories can be attached.
All four castors have brakes.
The work surface has a drainage hole and a collection box for fluids.
The work surface is made from durable stainless steel and has a reinforced baseplate.
To reduce the chances of an animal slipping, the work surface has higher edges.
It is possible to order work surfaces of different types, measurements or materials.

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