monopolar cutting electrosurgical unit / bipolar cutting / bipolar coagulation / monopolar coagulation
VIO® 200 S



  • Features:

    monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation

  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency

  • Cutting power:

    Max.: 200 W

    Min.: 0 W

  • Coagulating power:

    Max.: 120 W

    Min.: 0 W


Automatic output dosage for all regulative technologies
Precise power output adjusted to the individual indication
Variable configuration with socket modules
Simple to operate due to FocusView
Display-supported neutral electrode safety system NESSY provides interactive assistance when positioning the return electrode
Up to 10 programs can be stored
2 footswitches can be connected to the unit
VIO 200 S can be updated (updates possible)